North of Known
  • Elk River
  • The Perfect Flight
Sequoia 1Thu, May 11 9:00 PM Not Available
Sequoia 2Fri, May 12 1:00 PM Not Available
Rafael 3Sun, May 14 8:00 PM Not Available
Film Info
Section:The Great Outdoors
Running Time:52 min.
Director:Bryan Smith
Producer:David Pearson
Bryan Smith
Screenwriter:Bryan Smith
Cinematographer:Pablo Durana
Cameron Slyvester
Editor:Leigh Powis
Note Writer:Alexis Whitham

Flying through ominous clouds thousands of feet above the earth, professional paraglider Gavin McClurg is shaking with cold, icicles stuck to his beard as he whips around the highest peaks in North America. He and his partner Dave Turner are the first to attempt this daredevil feat: paragliding and hiking across 500 miles of the Alaskan Ridge. And we are along for their ride of a lifetime, witnessing some of the most remote lands on earth through breathtaking footage of deep glaciers, dense forests, and enormous snowcapped mountains. By land, the terrain is unyielding. By air, the wind is as likely to propel them forward as backward. Strong-headed Gavin and slightly more cautious Dave are as prepared as they could be, but are quickly behind schedule, with food running out. Bryan Smith’s vivid and suspenseful documentary combines the greatest visual splendor with the wildest adventure, allowing us to experience it all with our feet firmly planted on the ground.

In Person: Director Bryan Smith (North of Known, May 12 & 14); Director Josh Izenberg, Producer Brett Marty (The Perfect Flight, May 11)

Elk River is co-presented by WildCare.

North of Known is co-presented by the Bay Area Paragliding Association.

Sponsored by The Academy of Integrated Humanities and New Media

Included Shorts
Elk River (28min) More
The Perfect Flight (5min) More
Additional Information

Bryan Smith is an award-winning filmmaker based in Squamish, British Columbia. His first documentary, 49 Megawatts, received acclaim for both its amazing kayaking footage and its insightful exploration of the controversy over British Columbia's river-based energy production. Smith has since built on his adventure film roots, developing a strong reputation in both TV documentary and commercial cinematography. His client list has grown to include National Geographic, Discovery, Disney, BBC, Red Bull Media House, Patagonia, New Belgium Brewing, Arcteryx and more. In the past few years he has directed and produced several feature-length documentaries including The Man Who Can Fly for National Geographic and, most recently, Frozen Titans, The Crystal Labyrinth and The Rockies Traverse for Red Bull Media House.