Holy (un)Holy River
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Film Info
Section:The Great Outdoors
Running Time:59 min.
Director:Pete McBride
Jake Norton
Producer:Pete McBride
Jake Norton
Screenwriter:Pete McBride
Jake Norton
Cinematographer:Pete McBride
Jake Norton
Editor:Anand Kamalakar
Note Writer:Deanna Quinones

A visual expedition that pairs inspiring travelogue with a timely call to action, Holy (un)Holy River captures the monumental Ganges River in a way few travelers could ever experience, revealing its enchanting mix of natural beauty and mystical power while underlining the need for change to help this endangered resource continue to rebound and thrive. Filmmakers Pete McBride's and Jake Norton’s source-to-sea journey reveals the majesty, mysteries and contradictions that define “Mother Ganga”: a sacred waterway that sustains life for 500 million people across India, a living resource deeply revered but strained by overuse, and a waterway that supplies both spiritual and industrial sustenance but bears pollution from each. Sharing the viewpoints of scientists, spiritual leaders, activists and others who rely on the river daily, this vital film offers an energetic knock on the door of the current government that has pledged cleanup efforts that can wait no longer.

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Native Coloradan Pete McBride has spent two decades studying the world with a camera. A self-taught photographer, filmmaker, writer and public speaker, he has traveled on assignment to over 75 countries for the National Geographic Society, Smithsonian, Outside, Esquire, Microsoft, The Nature Conservancy and many more. After a decade documenting remote expeditions from Everest to Antarctica, McBride decided to focus his cameras closer to home on a subject closer to his heart—his backyard river, the Colorado. Four years and 1500-river miles later, McBride produced a book and three award-winning short documentaries and hosted a PBS TV program. For his latest project, McBride hiked the entire length of Grand Canyon National Park to highlight the challenges our national parks face as increased development pressures are poised to change the canyon’s iconic landscape. That story comes out on National Geographic and PBS channels in 2016/17.