Heather Booth: Changing the World
Rafael 2Fri, May 12 7:00 PM Not Available
Film Info
Section:The Art of Impact
Running Time:61 min.
Director:Lilly Rivlin
Producer:Lilly Rivlin
Screenwriter:Lilly Rivlin
Margaret Murphy
Cinematographer:Michael Moser
Ashley James
Emily Wathen
Jonathan Marx
Julie Gaynin
Editor:Pola Rapaport
Flavia Fontes
Note Writer:Kelly Clement

SNEAK PREVIEW: Meet Heather Booth: perhaps the “most influential person you’ve never heard of.” At a very young age Heather dedicated herself to being a community organizer, starting with the early civil rights movement in Mississippi and continuing on to be a driving force behind more than 70 campaigns—from voter registration to financial reform. She quickly became a sought-after organizer for many electoral campaigns, working closely with Julian Bond and Elizabeth Warren, among others. Booth was behind some of the most pivotal moments that altered our history over the last 50 years, and her strategies for change are the playbook for many young activists today. Directed by award-winning independent filmmaker Lilly Rivlin, this is the third film in a trilogy of portraits about female activists and their art, including Grace Paley: Collected Shorts and Esther Broner: A Weave of Women. The screening will be followed by an on-stage conversation about the effective use of Booth’s strategies for organizing in the current political climate.

In Person: Director Lilly Rivlin (Heather Booth: Changing the World), Director Dan Goldes (Arrested (Again))

Arrested (Again) is co-presented by Topakian Communications.

Heather Booth: Changing the World is co-presented by MidWest Academy and Tenants Together.

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Arrested (Again) (5min) More
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Lilly Rivlin is an award-winning filmmaker based in New York City, who defines herself as a storyteller. Her most recent film, Heather Booth: Changing the World, is the third in a trilogy about activist women. Born in Jerusalem, she has been an activist for peace between Israelis and Palestinians for many decades and honed her skills as a researcher journalist and consultant before focusing her skills and gaze on filmmaking, Her filmography now includes seven documentaries, including researching and writing the 13-part series The Jews for Sanford Liebersohn and David Putnam (Chariots of Fire).