Cloud Forest (Bosque de Niebla)
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Film Info
Section:The Art of Impact
Running Time:91 min.
Director:Mónica Álvarez Franco
Producer:Carlos Sosa
Laura Imperiale
Screenwriter:Mónica Álvarez Franco
Cinematographer:Carlos Rossini
Luis Montalvo
Editor:Yibrán Asuad
Adrian Parissi
Note Writer:Margarita Landazuri

The Mexican state of Veracruz is home to one of the country’s most biodiverse regions, the cloud forest, a type of tropical rainforest so called because the region is usually covered in mist. But its ecosystem is fragile, endangered by cattle ranches, coffee cultivation, cutting and climate change. Here, amidst the creeking trees, buzzing bugs, and blooming tropical flowers, Mónica Álvarez Franco’s debut feature documentary captures the immersive beauty and serenity of a natural oasis and the efforts by a small local community to salvage and restore it in the face of ecological threats. Working together as a cooperative using traditional farming methods, they are striving to create a simple and sustainable way of life. In school, students learn the principles of sustainability, such as rotating crops, rationing water, ethical decision-making, and sharing abundance. “We can’t save all the forests of the world,” a teacher tells students, “but we have to impact where we live.”

In Person: Director Mónica Álvarez Franco, Producer Laura Imperiale

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Additional Information

After studying AV Media in Mexico and earning a Master's degree in Creative Documentary in Spain, Mónica Álvarez Franco wrote and directed several short documentaries including Venus y Arturo, which was featured in the Guanajuato International Film Festival. She has worked on projects such as Tijuana, Sonidos del Nortec, directed by Alberto Corts, and helped produce film festivals such as the Guadalajara International Film Festival and DOCSDF. Cloud Forest is her first feature documentary.