PANEL: Disney Animation Technistas



Rafael 3 Sun, Oct 16, 2016 2:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Behind the Screens
Mind the Gap
Running Time:90 min.


The huge critical and box office successes of Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Frozen and Zootopia—with onscreen heroines Elsa, Anna, and Judy Hopps—have proven that the time is now for great girl role models. But what about behind the scenes? This family-friendly panel brings together an amazing group of women technologists and creators of recent Disney movies—including the upcoming feature Moana—to discuss their groundbreaking work and innovations and explain some of the magic we see onscreen. 


Moderator : Steven Gaydos, vice president, executive editor, Variety

Sara Drakeley, general technical director (Moana, Zootopia)
Heather Pritchett, general technical director (Moana, Zootopia)
Erin Ramos, effects animator (Moana, Zootopia)
Michelle Robinson, character look supervisor (Moana, Zootopia)
Maryann Simmons, senior software engineer (Moana, Zootopia)