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Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:113 min.
Director:Jim Jarmusch
Producer:Joshua Astrachan
Carter Logan
Screenwriter:Jim Jarmusch
Cinematographer:Frederick Elmes
Editor:Affonso Gonçaives
Cast:Adam Driver
Golshifteh Farahani
Barry Shabaka Henley
Chasten Harmon
William Jackson Harper
Masatoshi Nagase
Print Source:Amazon Studios
Note Writer:Tim Grierson


A marvel in miniature, Paterson tracks the tiny changes in an ordinary man’s life from one day to the next, in the process reveling in the small oddities of existence. Adam Driver plays a New Jersey bus driver who writes poetry and spends time with his lovely wife Laura (Golshifteh Farahani). From such a simple setup, idiosyncratic writer-director Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Stranger Than Paradise) delves into major themes: the struggle to find one’s place, the battle to keep melancholy at bay, the sublimity of being human. Taking place over the course of a week, this comedy-drama asks us to consider how individual moments contribute to a larger sense of ourselves—how one action can impact a later decision and, eventually, shape our destiny. Driver is magnificent as a modest, decent guy stumbling toward a deeper understanding of himself, and Jarmusch drapes Paterson in a bewildered awe, making the everyday feel beguilingly vibrant.

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Additional Information

Born in Akron, Ohio, Jim Jarmusch lives and works in New York. Films include Permanent Vacation (1980), Stranger than Paradise (1984), Down by Law (1986), Mystery Train (1989), Night on Earth (1991), Dead Man (1995), Year of the Horse (1997), Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999), Coffee and Cigarettes (2003), Broken Flowers (2005), The Limits of Control (2009), Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), Paterson (2016), Gimme Danger (2016) and the short film "Int. Trailer. Night." (2002).