Paint It Black



Sequoia 1 Fri, Oct 7, 2016 8:45 PM
Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:96 min.
Director:Amber Tamblyn
Producer:Wren Arthur
Amy Hobby
Anne Hubbell
Amber Tamblyn
Screenwriter:Amber Tamblyn
Ed Dougherty
Cinematographer:Brian Rigney Hubbard
Editor:Paul Frank
Cast:Alia Shawkat
Alfred Molina
Janet McTeer
Rhys Wakefield
Print Source:Tangerine Entertainment
Note Writer:Angelique Smith


Waking up from a hard-partying night in the ‘80s LA’s punk scene, Josie (Alia Shawkat, Arrested Development) learns that her boyfriend Michael has committed suicide. At the funeral, Josie encounters Meredith (Janet McTeer, Tumbleweeds, MVFF 1999), Michael’s icy, couture-clad mother, and begins to realize she might not have known her live-in love as well as she once thought. As Josie and Meredith attempt to cope with Michael’s death, they teeter between mutual dependency and a dangerous rivalry that sparks a psychological tug of war over his memory. Their individual quests for answers escalate into obsession as they try to reconcile who Michael was with what he ultimately did. Shawkat and McTeer crackle with electricity and emotion as these two extremely different women grieving the loss of one young man. In her striking directorial debut, Amber Tamblyn brings a creative and evocative visual style to Janet Fitch’s (White Oleander) beloved novel.

Guests in attendance 10/7 & 10/8: Amber Tamblyn (Director), Amy Hobby (Producer)

Additional Information

Amber Tamblyn is a writer, director and actress from Los Angeles. She has received an Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award nomination for her work in television and film. In television, Tamblyn starred in the cult classic drama, Joan of Arcadiawell as House M.D.. Her feature film work includes The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, 127 Hours, Django Unchained and the critically lauded Stephanie Daley, opposite Tilda Swinton. Tamblyn is the author of three books of poetry and prose: Free Stallion (Simon & Schuster), Bang Ditto (Manic D. Press) and the acclaimed best seller Dark Sparkler (Harper-Perennial).