My Love Affair with the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond

  • A Love Poem to My Friend Ethel A Love Poem to My Friend Ethel


Sequoia 2 Thu, Oct 13, 2016 6:30 PM
Rafael 1 Fri, Oct 14, 2016 10:00 AM
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Film Info
Section:Valley of the Docs
Mind the Gap
Running Time:61 min.
Director:Catherine Ryan
Gary Weimberg
Producer:Catherine Ryan
Gary Weimberg
Screenwriter:Gary Weimberg
Cinematographer:Gary Weimberg
Editor:Gary Weimberg
Print Source:Luna Productions
Note Writer:Deanna Quinones


Meet Dr. Marian Diamond as she pulls a human brain out of a hatbox and lovingly enumerates its astonishing qualities. A mad scientist? Quite the opposite. In this energetic documentary, Dr. Diamond is revealed as one of the great minds—one of the founders, in fact—of modern neuroscience. If her name isn’t yet as familiar as that of Marie Curie, it will be: Dr. Diamond’s unprecedented work includes theorizing and proving previously unimagined brain capabilities, analyzing Albert Einstein’s preserved brain, and building a scientific and academic career that broke barriers for women in science. Much like the old adage about Ginger Rogers doing it all backwards and in heels, Dr. Diamond achieved every success with steely determination behind astonishing positivity, warmth, and magnetism. Watch this to learn about an amazing woman, a brilliant scientist, a fascinating branch of scientific research, and about the core element that fuels great achievement in all endeavors: love.

Guests in attendance 10/13, 10/14 & 10/15: Catherine Ryan & Gary Weimberg (co-directors)

A Love Poem for My Friend Ethel
US 2016, 24 min Director Wendy Slick

A tribute to Ethel Seiderman, an 85-year-old early childhood education activist and pioneer who’s had a lasting impact on the children of the Bay Area.

Guests in attendance 10/13, 10/14 & 10/15: Wendy Slick (director, co-producer), Joan Saffa (co-producer)

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Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg have spent the last three decades making documentaries that have been nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, won 2 Emmies, been short-listed for Oscars, and have been broadcast on ABC, PBS, FOX, WB and for clients such as AT&T, MasterCard, Sears, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, San Francisco MOMA, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lucasfilm, American Zoetrope, and others.