Monday Nights at Seven

Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Special Screening
Running Time:109 min.
Premiere Status:World
Director:Marty Sader
Producer:Edward James Olmos
Marty Sader
Laura Keys
Kenyon Robertson
Screenwriter:Laura Keys & Marty Sader
Cinematographer:Angel Barroeta
Editor:Marty Sader
Cast:Marty Sader
Vanessa Cure
Edward James Olmos
Anderson Silva
Kelea Skelton
Mary Apick
Print Source:MNA7 Productions
Note Writer:Brendan Peterson


This raw cinematic poem about life and love captures the complicated emotions of people searching for meaning in a messy world. Lazo (Marty Sader) is a widowed single dad trapped in the safety of the daily grind. His life’s dream of becoming a fighter long surrendered, he spends his days driving a cab, raising his precocious daughter and clinging to the past. Isabel (Vanessa Cure) works with horses at a local racetrack and puts family obligations ahead of personal happiness. When fate thrusts them together, they begin a journey of mutual self-discovery, passionate encounters, and cultural breakthroughs. Co-written and directed by Sader, Monday Nights At Seven is a marvel of authentic, lyrical filmmaking—a hypnotic blend of dreamy images, genuine conversations, and vibrant settings—and a reinvention of neorealism. Legendary actor Edward James Olmos (MVFF tributee 1992) captures the film’s soulful energy with his moving turn as Lazo’s sad, funny, and vulnerable stepfather.

Guests in attendance 10/8: Marty Sader (director, writer, actor), Laura Keys (producer), Edward James Olmos (actor), Vanessa Cure (actress), Mary Apick (actress), Kelea Skelton (actress), Scott Barlow (executive producer), Patrice Barlow (executive producer), Jacob Duran (actor), Tom Adams (actor)

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Marty Sader’s penchant for pushing boundaries in filmmaking began with his award-winning directorial debut feature, Most High, in which he put himself through a startling bodyweight fluctuation of more than two hundred pounds. In his second film, Monday Nights At Seven, Sader turns his introspective faculties on the subjects of life, love and letting go. Guided by truth and committed to sensitive camerawork and nuanced performances, Sader’s goal as a director is to draw attention to the subtle flavors of life - the delicate moments of great meaning that we tend to take for granted in an over-saturated world.