Molly Monster


Lark Theatre Sun, Oct 9, 2016 11:00 AM
Rafael 3 Sun, Oct 16, 2016 11:00 AM
Film Info
Section:Family Films
Focus: Kinowerks
Running Time:72 min.
Director:Ted Sieger
Michael Ekblad
Matthias Bruhn
Producer:Michael Ekbladh
Richard Lutterbeck
Elena Pedrazzoli
Tania Reichert-Facilides
Screenwriter:John Chambers based on a story by Ted Sieger and John Chambers
Cinematographer:Wolfram Spaeth
Editor:Melanie Hartmann
Cast:Tom Eastwood
Stefan Fredrich
Denise Gorzelanny
Print Source:Global Screen GmbH
Note Writer:Roberta McNair


FOCUS: KINOWERKS Vivid animation and delightful songs enhance this charming tale about a little monster family that’s about to get bigger once their egg hatches. Molly Monster is so excited about becoming a big sister that she’s knitting a hat to keep her new baby brother or sister’s head warm. When Mama lays her egg, Papa takes his place atop it, and the couple departs to Egg Island for the hatching. Molly is sad to be left behind, but she soon finds a purpose: Her parents have forgotten the knitted hat, so she and her wind-up best friend Edison set off to deliver it to Egg Island. Edison is full of trepidation and tries to get Molly to take them back home and to safety. But any fear Molly might feel is countered by her determination to be the best big sister ever by getting the hat to the baby. Ages 4+

Additional Information

Ted Sieger grew up in Chile, Peru, Australia and Switzerland. As well as being a filmmaker he has also created illustrated books and comic strips.

Michael Ekblad studied animation and visual arts at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Oakville, Canada. He has been an animator, designer and director of animation films since 1985.

Matthias Bruhn has been chief executive of the TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH since 1998. His productions won numerous national and international awards.