A Man Called Ove


Century Larkspur 2 Mon, Oct 10, 2016 8:15 PM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:116 min.
Director:Hannes Holm
Producer:Annica Bellander
Nicklas Wikström Nicastro
Screenwriter:Hannes Holm
Cinematographer:Göran Hallberg
Editor:Fredrik Morheden
Cast:Rolf Lassgård
Bahar Pars
Zozan Akgün
Print Source:Music Box Films
Note Writer:Lucy Laird


The man called Ove is a grouch of the highest order, tyrant of the housing development, and hater of Volvos and dogs who pee on the paving stones. He is also at the end of his rope. At 59, the widower is ready to stride off this mortal coil—shuffling is for the lazy good-for-nothings he spends his days scolding. Enter pregnant Parvaneh (Bahar Pars), an Iranian émigré who moves in across the way with her inept Swedish husband and children. Determined and friendly, she coaxes Ove into an unlikely friendship and, little by little, helps him to love, not loathe, his neighbors, an adorable stray cat, and himself. Rolf Lassgård is unforgettable as Ove, whose painful past is revealed in crystalline flashbacks. But any hint of schmaltz (yes, you’ll need a tissue or three) is tempered by the (often literal) gallows humor of the Swedes in this crowd-pleasing adaptation of Fredrik Backman’s popular novel.

With support from The Consulate General of Sweden and the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation

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Additional Information

Hannes Holm was born and raised in Stockholm and his entry into the film industry was somewhat serendipitous. First as actor (Interrail), then television director (The Brothers Olson, S*M*A*S*H), Holm and frequent collaborator Måns Herngren made their feature film directorial debut with the tragicomedy One in a Million, which became a critical and box office hit. Holm and Herngren’s successful collaborations continued with films Adam and Eva (1997) and Wonderful and Loved by All (2007). Holm has been nominated for the Guldbagge Award (Sweden’s Academy Awards) three times.  A Man Called Ove is the most successful Swedish film of the last 32 years with a box office gross of more than $20.5 million in Sweden alone. Hannes is currently working on the new Swedish mini series Delhis vackraste händer, based on the book by Mikael Bergstrand, to be shot in Sweden and India.