Death by Design

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Sequoia 2 Fri, Oct 7, 2016 12:15 PM
Rafael 2 Tue, Oct 11, 2016 6:15 PM
Film Info
Section:Valley of the Docs
Active Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:73 min.
Director:Sue Williams
Producer:Sue Williams
Hilary Klotz Steinman
Screenwriter:Sue Williams
Cinematographer:Sam Shinn
Editor:Adam Zucher
Print Source:Ambrica Productions
Note Writer:Brendan Peterson


Do you love your phone? Can’t imagine life without your trusty digital sidekick? After watching this intense and illuminating exposé of the nasty global underbelly of electronics manufacturing and disposal, we all might pause before our next upgrade. Driven by expert interviews and fascinating behind-the-scenes footage, this doc reveals how we got into this computer-driven environmental mess and how we might turn it around. From Silicon Valley to China, the film follows the secretive supply chain required to produce everyone’s favorite toys. Filmmaker Sue Williams does a masterful job of laying out the brutal facts of people and places affected by this toxic reality, while communicating a sense of urgency and measured optimism around solutions. Along the way we meet a handful of heroes focused on making companies accountable for their products and entrepreneurs creating world-friendly goods. This is necessary viewing for fans of planet earth; just turn off your device.

Guest in attendance 10/11: Sue Williams (director)

In association with the International Campaign for Responsible Technology

US 2016, 5 min
Director John Sanborn

A sharp-witted, tongue-in-cheek commentary on 21st century overload and the trendiness of me-me-me-ennui as "fashion-statement."

Guests in attendance 10/7 & 10/11: John Sanborn (director), David Meyer (composer)

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Additional Information

Sue Williams has produced and directed five critically acclaimed, feature documentaries about China for national PBS broadcast, including Frontline. Contemporary China features prominently in her most recent film, Death by Design. Sue also directed two highly praised biographies on Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary Pickford for the PBS series, American Experience.