The Archer


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Section:US Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:86 min.
Director:Valerie Weiss
Print Source:Valerie Weiss


A work-in-progress screening shown in conjunction with the master class The Filmmaker as Heroine

Valerie Weiss (A Light Beneath Their Feet, Audience Award winner MVFF 2015) returns to the Festival with a special sneak preview of her latest film. After a minor infraction brings her before a questionable judge, archery champion Lauren Pierce (a breakthrough performance from Bailey Noble) lands in a corrupt juvenile correctional facility in the wilderness, run by warden Bob Patrice (Bill Sage) and his son Michael (Michael Grant Terry), whose tactics and motives are increasingly suspect. She escapes with Rebecca (Jeanine Mason), a fierce but alluring inmate, and together they must survive the desperate warden who bow-hunts his prey to ensure his secret stays buried. Based on true events, this coming-of-age indie action film (with romantic undertones and a little social awareness) is thoroughly gripping. Beautifully shot, with a cast who all deliver exceptional performances, Weiss again confirms that her talents as a director are right on target.

Guest in attendance 10/15: Valerie Weiss (director) 

Additional Information

Award-winning filmmaker and Harvard biophysicist, Valerie Weiss, has just released her second feature film, A Light Beneath Their Feet , starring Taryn Manning, Madison Davenport, Kurt Fuller, and Nora Dunn. The film premiered at the 2015 Mill Valley Film Festival, winning its US Indie Audience Award before going on to win the Vimeo Stubbornly Independent Award from the Tallgrass Film Festival and the Alliance of Women in Film Journalists prestigious EDA Award for Best Female-Directed Narrative Feature. Valerie has just completed her third feature film, The Archer, for Mar Vista Entertainment. The Archer is a coming-of-age female empowerment action movie with a lesbian love story inspired by the real-life "Kids For Cash" scandal starring Bailey Noble, Bill Sage, Jeanine Mason, Michael Grant Terry, and Kurt Fuller.