Autumn Sonata



Film Info
Running Time:99 min.
Premiere Status:Swedish
Director:Ingmar Bergman
Screenwriter:Ingmar Bergman
Cinematographer:Sven Nykvist
Editor:Sylvia Ingemarsson
Cast:Ingrid Bergman
Liv Ullmann
Lena Nyman
Gunnar Björnstrand
Erland Josephson
Print Source:Janus Films


In Swedish with English subtitles

Presented in a rare 35mm print, and screened in conjunction with the gallery exhibition The Saga of Ingrid Bergman (at 1020 B St, San Rafael), this is one of the actor’s final projects, a homecoming to Swedish cinema as well as her only collaboration with filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. She plays Charlotte Andergast, a world-famous concert pianist who has neglected her family for her career. When she visits daughter Eva (Liv Ullmann), whom she hasn’t seen for several years, Charlotte discovers that she has removed Helena, her mentally disabled sister, from the institution in which her mother had long ago placed her. The intense dynamic of a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship sparked some on-set tension between the two Bergmans, but the end result was an extraordinary classic that earned awards and citations for both Ingrid and Ingmar.