Second Coming


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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:105 min
Premiere Status:US
Director:Debbie Tucker Green
Producer:Polly Leys
Kate Norrish
Katherine Butler
Screenwriter:Debbie Tucker Green
Cinematographer:Ula Pontikos
Editor:Mark Eckersley
Cast:Nadine Marshall
Idris Elba
Kai Francis-Lewis
Print Source:Film Movement
Note Writer:Lucy Laird


Realism of the kitchen sink and magical varieties blend in this intriguing drama about a British woman who finds herself miraculously pregnant and must cope with what this epiphany means for her and her family. The mother to watchful 11-year-old JJher first “miracle baby”Jackie (the subtly brilliant Nadine Marshall) has a history of miscarriages and trouble conceiving, never mind the fact that she hasn’t let her husband Mark (a jocular yet intense Idris Elba) touch her for months. Within tightly framed spaces, the tiny depth of field keeps us close up with the family’s everyday domestic life, while at the edges of the frame, Jackie’s nerves and marriage blur and unravel. Writer-director Debbie Tucker Green plays on the cadences of the family’s London-Jamaican patois in her dialogue, drawing out a trio of simple, powerful performances, especially from young Kai Francis Lewis, a quiet witness to the coming judgment day.

Co-presented by Museum of the African Diaspora

Additional Information

Born in Britain, Londoner Debbie Tucker Green submitted her unproduced play, She Three, for the Alfred Fagon award, open to playwrights with Caribbean connections. Though she did not win, it brought her to the attention of the Royal Court (which later produced Stoning Mary). Her play Born Bad won the 2004 Laurence Olivier Most Promising Playwright award. She has also written and directed Nut, Generations, and Truth and Reconciliation for the theater, as well as Random and Heat for film and television. Second Coming marks her feature film debut.