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Spotlight on Brie Larson
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Section:World Cinema
Mind the Gap
Spotlights & Tributes
Running Time:118 min
Director:Lenny Abrahamson
Producer:Ed Guiney
David Gross
Screenwriter:Emma Donoghue
Cinematographer:Danny Cohen
Editor:Nathan Nugent
Cast:Brie Larson
Jacob Tremblay
Joan Allen
Sean Bridgers
William H Macy
Note Writer:Laura Henneman



Jack is five. He lives with Ma in Room. They can cook, exercise, read books, watch TV, sing songs, and “Do Scream.” Everything in Room is real; everything else is just TV. Room is Jack’s whole world. Until it’s not. Room is based on Emma Donoghue’s bestseller, which is told from Jack’s viewpoint. Fans of the novel take note: The film achieves the book’s intensity and emotional impact. Donoghue adapted her own work, and between her script and director Lenny Abrahamson’s attention to detail and excellent eye for framing, the story transforms for the screen and retains the immediacy of the boy’s experience. Jacob Tremblay is mesmerizing as Jack and the phenomenal Brie Larson conveys Ma’s complexity and emotional balancing act with the smallest change of expression, pause, or measured breath. Together they embody the incomparable bond between mother and child and bring to life this riveting story about defining one’s own world.

The Spotlight program will feature an onstage conversation with Brie Larson, a screening of Room, and the presentation of the MVFF Award. Join us after the program for a celebratory reception at Green Chile Kitchen in San Rafael.

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