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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:94 min
Premiere Status:North American
Director:Saskia Diesing
Producer:Hanneke Niens
Hans de Wolf
Screenwriter:Esther Gerritsen
Saskia Diesing
Cinematographer:Aage Hollander
Editor:Barbara Toennieshen
Cast:Abbey Hoes
Uwe Ochsenknecht
Gijs Blom
Fabian Jansen
Andre Jung
Print Source:KeyFilm
Note Writer:Angelique Smith


Nena (rivetingly rendered by luminous Abbey Hoes), is just another introverted, 16-year-old Goethe-quoting, Goth-styled punker living along the Dutch-German border. She can hardly stand to listen to her friends’ mundane complaints about their parents given that her father is paralyzed from the neck down and wakes up every morning wishing it were his last. After meeting Carlo, her masculine doppelgangera blue-haired, moped-riding baseball star all too eager to take her virginityNena must balance the youthful joy of first love with the weighty responsibility of caring for a disabled and despairing parent. First-time feature director Saskia Diesing's coming-of-age drama is set just prior to the destruction of the Berlin Wall, against an exuberant '80s rock 'n' roll soundtrack. Hoes' award-winning performance switches deftly between wide-eyed innocence and a maturity far beyond her age in this touching, funny, and poignantly humane film.

Additional Information

Saskia Diesing was born in 1972 and graduated from the Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht in 1996. After graduation she worked for seven years at the Dutch broadcast company VPRO, where she produced programs and was editor-in-chief for Waskracht!, VPROVanavond, Ingodsnaam and Het Geluk van Nederland. In 1999 she directed the feature film Du, a double-language road movie and also directed an NTR Kort! film, De laatste dag, based on the story of Toon Tellegen. Together with Eveline Verwoerd, Diesing wrote the screenplay for Fit to Fly, which was nominated for the Visser Neerlandia award, and wrote the screenplay P for NTR Kort!, directed by Aaron Rookus. Diesing is currently focused on directing and writing screenplays and also teaches directing and screenwriting at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.