My Mother (Mia madre)


Century Larkspur Thu, Oct 8, 2015 6:30 PM
Sequoia 1 Sat, Oct 17, 2015 11:15 AM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Mind the Gap
Focus: Cinema Bellissimo
Running Time:106 min
Director:Nanni Moretti
Producer:Nanni Moretti
Domenico Procacci
Screenwriter:Nanni Moretti
Valia Santella
Gaia Manzini
Chiara Valerio
Cinematographer:Arnaldo Catinari
Editor:Clelio Benevento
Cast:Margherita Buy
John Turturro
Giulia Lazzarini
Nanni Moretti
Beatrice Mancini
Stefano Abbati
Print Source:Alchemy
Note Writer:Melissa Howden


Award-winning director Nanni Moretti’s (Dear Diary, MVFF 1994) My Mother is a semi-autobiographical drama starring Moretti’s frequent muse Margherita Buy as a filmmaker beset by personal trials, most notably her mother’s failing health and a lead actor (John Turturro as Huggins) who can’t act or remember his lines. My Mother teases with perception as the narrative moves between memory, dream, movie, and life. As Margherita’s life unravels, she tells her actors, “Play the character but stand next to the character as you.” Though confusing, her directorial note functions as the underlying philosophy of My Mothera “film within a film” in which the storyline echoes aspects of Moretti’s life from his own profession, to his mother’s as a dying scholar of ancient languages. After flubbing a line in Margherita’s film, Huggins rails against being an actor and shouts, “I want out of here, man. I want to get back to reality.” The question is, which reality?

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Additional Information

Italian auteur Nanni Moretti creates moving, incisive, and humorous portraits of life, filtered through a unique worldview. Born in 1953 in Brunico, Bolzano, Italy, Moretti began to develop his passions for filmmaking and water polo throughout his early schooling, also taking a marked interest in politics. Turning 20, Moretti sold the stamps that he had collected in his youth to purchase a Super-8 camera and began shooting films with friends, making his feature debut in 1977, with Io Sono un Autarochico (I Am Self-Sufficient). It was a fitting title, one that would set the gears of his documentary-style method in motion as it garnered a loyal cult following; the subsequent release of Ecce Bombo in 1978 (nominated for the Golden Palm at Cannes) cemented Moretti's reputation. In 2001 Moretti won the Golden Palm at Cannes with the family drama The Son's Room. Working in every aspect of the business from producer to actor, rarely speaking to journalists or appearing in public, Moretti has claimed that he is not a film director in the traditional sense, but a man who makes a film when he has something to say.