Marshland (La La Isla Minima)


Rafael 1 Fri, Oct 9, 2015 1:00 PM
Lark Theatre Mon, Oct 12, 2015 8:30 PM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:105 min
Director:Alberto Rodriguez
Producer:Mercedes Cantero
Screenwriter:Alberto Rodriguez
Rafael Cobos
Cinematographer:Alex Catalan
Editor:Jose M. G. Moyano
Cast:Javier Gutierrez
Raul Arevalo
Antonio de la Torre
Print Source:Outsider Pictures
Note Writer:Brendan Peterson


A mesmerizing and moody psychological journey into the underbelly of a small town in 1980, Marshland evokes the energy of True Detective and the tone of Twin Peaks to create a fascinating and haunting first-rate thriller. After teenage sisters disappear from a marshland town in southern Spain, two contrasting Madrid detectives are on the case. As their investigation unfolds, we take a twisty, turbulent ride filled with colorful characters, offbeat situations, and surprising moments of personal revelation. From the opening frames, featuring breathtaking aerial shots of the marshland, it’s clear that filmmaker Alberto Rodriguez is in complete control. Each scene is perfectly crafted to capture the emotional and physical reality of that moment while an eerie, understated soundtrack seeps into our subconscious. This meticulous, multilayered cinematic puzzle rewards careful attention by doling out information on a need-to-know basis, assembling a suspenseful and magnetic experience that gives the best kind of movie thrill.

Co-presented by Latino Council and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Additional Information

Alberto Rodriguez’s films include The Pilgrim Factor (2000), El Traje (2002), 7 Virgins (2005), After (2009) and Unit 7 (2012). He has screened at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Berlinale and Rome International Film Festival, among others, and his work has been nominated for multiple Spanish Goya and European Academy Awards. His first full-length feature film, The Pilgrim Factor, was shot in London with a reduced crew made up of a group of friends (most of who continue to work together). This comedy, co-directed by Santi Amodeo, premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival where it received a Special Mention from the Jury. In 2013, Rodriguez was awarded the Gold Medal of Andalusia and began shooting his sixth feature film, Marshland (La Isla Mi´nima).