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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Country:Iraqi Kurdistan
Running Time:114 min
Director:Batin Ghobadi
Producer:Bahman Ghobadi
Screenwriter:Batin Ghobadi
Cinematographer:Saba Mazloum
Editor:Hayedeh Safiyari
Cast:Hisen Hesen
Helly Luv
Ismail Zagros
Beritan Yildizitan
Feyyaz Duman
Mir Murad Bedirxan
Print Source:Versatile
Note Writer:Robert Avila


The title character of this intriguing, smoldering drama suffers, with his younger brother, a childhood catastrophe beside a meandering river. This leads more or less directly to his meandering adulthood as a sullen loner and corrupt policeman on the take from the smugglers who regularly crisscross the stunning Kurdish border region joining Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. When a local tunnel worker goes missing on a lonely stretch of road, Mardan is tasked with locating the man on behalf of his beautiful, guileless wifesetting up Mardan for tests of fraternal instinct, albeit in complex ways that pull us along in a dream of guilt, remorse, and passion. As languid yet stirring as the river running through this exquisite mountain landscape, the film marks a fine directorial debut from Batin Ghobadi, brother of famed Iranian Kurdish filmmaker (and Mardan producer) Bahman Ghobadi (A Time of Drunken Horses).

Co-presented by Iranian Film Festival

Additional Information

Batin Ghobadi was born in 1979 in Baneh, a city near the Iran-Iraq border in the province of Kurdistan, Iran. He was the last son in a family of seven siblings and a newborn baby when civil disputes caused his entire family to immigrate to Sanandaj, the center of Kurdistan Province in Iran. He was five when he started painting academically and had some solo exhibitions well into his teenage years. Because of his elder brother, filmmaker Bahman Ghobdi, he switched to cinema and made his first short film The Painter in 2000 when he was 18 for Sanandaj Media. By the age of 23 he had made several other short films including Surly Today (2002), Incommunicado (2003), and Broken Soldier (2004). Ghobadi moved to Paris in 2004 to improve his expertise in cinema.