Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:87 min
Premiere Status:World
Director:VW Scheich
Producer:VW Scheich
Jeffrey Allard
Uyen K. Le
Screenwriter:VW Scheich
Uyen K. Le
Cinematographer:Wey Wang
Editor:VW Scheich
Myles Cranford
Jon Eiswerth
Brooke Burgstahler
Print Source:RareForm Pictures
Note Writer:Brendan Peterson


Featuring a tour-de-force performance by Academy Award®-winner Mo'Nique (Precious, MVFF 2009), this visually stunning and emotionally resonant exploration of the human condition delves deep into questions of life and death, love and loss, and what it means to exist in this mind-blowing world. Inspired by real lives, filmmaker V.W. Scheich weaves 13 captivating stories into one unforgettable tapestry thatthrough a combination of exceptional editing, evocative music, and authentic performancesmoves seamlessly through the roller-coaster rhythms of several parallel lives. Scheich creates a musical energy by expertly shifting focus and combining the realities of diverse, intriguing characters who face homelessness, despair, heartbreak, and addiction. Through the turmoil, the bonds of love persist: Strangers become intimate, families negotiate turbulent relationships and everyone searches for connection. By illuminating the inner lives of everyday people, Interwoven underscores the unexpected personal intersections that fuel the magic, mystery, and meaning of life.

Co-presented by Museum of the African Diaspora

Additional Information

Interwoven marks VW Scheich’s feature directorial debut. Prior to Interwoven, Scheich wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning, VFX-driven short film Wallenda, a period drama about patriarch Karl Wallenda’s first high-wire performance many years before he established The Flying Wallendas. Scheich’s current project, which he’s slated to co-direct and produce, is the feature comedy Basement Bob, the tale of a man living in his ex-wife’s basement.