The Dressmaker


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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:118 min
Director:Jocelyn Moorhouse
Producer:Sue Maslin
Screenwriter:Jocelyn Moorhouse
P.J. Hogan
Cinematographer:Donald M. McAlpine
Editor:Jill Bilcock
Cast:Kate Winslet
Judy Davis
Liam Hemsworth
Hugo Weaving
Print Source:Embankment Films
Note Writer:Joanne Parsont


Tilly Dunnage is back. And the tiny desiccated town of Dungatar is in for one heck of a dressing downand an even more spectacular dressing up. Clad in her own spin on Dior and armed with her Singer sewing machine like a gunslinger on a catwalk, Tilly (Kate Winslet) has returned to her childhood home with a vendetta to enact, a mystery to solve, a relationship to mend, and a whole lot of dresses to make. But first she must deal with her reclusive, misanthropic mother Mad Molly (Judy Davis), a corral of mealy-mouthed townsfolk, a cross-dressing police chief (Hugo Weaving), and the hunky boy-in-the-trailer-next-door (Liam Hemsworth) who’s determined to win her love. Featuring a brilliant cast of Australia’s finest, Jocelyn Moorhouse’s (Proof, 1991) kangaroo western offers a surprise at every turn: from murder to romance, drama to uproarious comedy. Because when haute couture comes to the outback, all hell is gonna break loose.

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Additional Information

Born in Melbourne, Jocelyn Moorhouse graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School in 1984. Her feature film debut, Proof, starred Hugo Weaving and Russell Crowe and premiered in Director’s Fortnight/Cannes in 1991. In 1994 Moorhouse moved to Los Angeles to direct How to Make an American Quilt (1995), which starred Winona Ryder and Anne Bancroft, and A Thousand Acres (1997), which starred Michele Pfeiffer, Jessica Lang, and Colin Firth. She works closely with her husband PJ Hogan and was a producer on Muriel’s Wedding (1994), Unconditional Love (2002), Peter Pan (2003), and Mental (2012). She directed her first play, Sex with Strangers, by Laura Eason, at the Sydney Theatre Company in August 2012 before directing The Dressmaker.