A Dozen Summers


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Film Info
Section:Children's FilmFest
Mind the Gap
Running Time:82 min
Director:Kenton Hall
Producer:Alexzandra Jackson
Kenton Hall
Screenwriter:Kenton Hall
Cinematographer:Geoffrey Gilson
Editor:Geoffrey Gilson
Kenton Hall
Cast:Scarlet Hall
Hero Hall
Colin Baker
Ewen MacIntosh
Sarah Warren
Kenton Hall
Print Source:Monkey Basket Films
Note Writer:Roberta McNair


Twelve-year-old Leicester twins Daisy and Maisie McCormack take advantage of an opportunity to make a movie about their lives, bringing the “crazy” people they knowparents, friends (and enemies), teachers, and even the local shopkeeperalong for the ride. There’s drama (and plenty of laughs) in the smallest matter for these girls, but their sometimes silly yet wise dad keeps them safely grounded through victory and adversity. Whether it’s a bike chase with bullies in pursuit, navigating their way through a series of their mum’s baffling boyfriends, or imagining themselves at the center of a heist, Maisie and Daisy face every challenge with wry pre-teen bemusement. Director, screenwriter, co-producer, and co-editor Kenton Hall audaciously casts himself alongside his daughters, Scarlet and Hero, but this inventive family film is no vanity project. The McCormacks emanate heartfelt affection, which enables comedic turns, mutual bewilderment, understanding, and emotional truth. Ages 11+

Additional Information

Kenton Hall is a British Canadian actor, writer, filmmaker, and musician. Born in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, Hall initially came to prominence as the frontman of the UK Band ist, before returning to film in 2009. As a director, he has directed or co-directed several short films, including Bus Stop, Wet Day, All The Write Moves, The Seeker and Richard Attenborough in Leicester, a documentary commissioned to celebrate the star’s 90th birthday. A Dozen Summers is his debut feature as writer and director.