Bridge of Spies


Century Cinema, Corte Madera Tue, Oct 13, 2015 6:00 PM
Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:135 min
Director:Steven Spielberg
Producer:Steven Spielberg
Marc Platt
Kristie Macosko Krieger
Screenwriter:Matt Charman
Ethan Coen
Joel Coen
Cinematographer:Janusz Kaminski
Editor:Michael Kahn
Cast:Tom Hanks
Mark Rylance
Scott Shepherd
Amy Ryan
Sebastian Koch
Alan Alda


A dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of historic events, Bridge of Spies is the story of James Donovan, a Brooklyn lawyer thrust into the center of the Cold War when the CIA sends him on the near-impossible task of negotiating the release of a captured American U-2 pilot. Screenwriters Matt Charman and three-time Academy Award®-winners Ethan Coen and Joel Coen weave this remarkable experience in Donovan’s life into a story inspired by true events that captures the essence of a man who risked everything and vividly brings his personal journey to life. Directed by three-time Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg, Bridge of Spies stars two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks as James Donovan; three-time Tony Award® winner Mark Rylance as KGB agent Rudolf Abel; Academy Award nominee Amy Ryan as James’ wife, Mary; and Academy Award nominee Alan Alda as Thomas Watters, a partner at Donovan’s law firm.

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