Beasts of No Nation


Century Cinema, Corte Madera Thu, Oct 15, 2015 7:45 PM
Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:133 min
Director:Cary Fukunaga
Producer:Daniela Taplin Lundberg
Riva Marker
Cary Fukunaga
Screenwriter:Cary Fukunaga
Cinematographer:Cary Fukunaga
Editor:Pete Beaudreau
Mikkel E.G. Nielsen
Cast:Idris Elba
Abraham Attah
Note Writer:Joanne Parsont


“I am a good boy, from a good family,” says young Agu (newcomer Abraham Attah), about the simple life he once knew with his parents, brothers, and sister. But being good is not the measure of survival when you live in a country embroiled in a brutal civil war. After militants raid his West African village, tear apart his family, and kill his father, he is forced to join a group of rebel fighters led by a ruthless warlord known only as Commandant (a fearsome Idris Elba), who takes Agu as his “charge.” Agu becomes part of his battalion of jungle-based child soldiers—armed with machine guns and grenade launchers—where fresh trauma is easily manipulated into murderous rage. Told from Agu’s pre-adolescent point of view, writer/director Cary Fukunaga’s (True Detective, Season 1, Sin Nombre) adaptation of Uzodinma Iweala's 2005 book of the same name is a powerful marker of just how easily violence breeds violence.

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Additional Information

Cary Joji Fukunaga's work as a writer, director, and cinematographer has taken him from the Arctic Circle to Haiti and East Africa. His television work includes directing and executive producing the first season of HBO’s True Detective, for which he won an Emmy for directing. His next television project will be an event mini-series inspired by Caleb Carr's The Alienist, which he will direct and executive produce. Fukunaga made his feature-film writing and directing debut with the critically acclaimed Sin Nombre (2009), followed by the film adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (2011). Beasts of No Nation is his third film. Currently in development is a drama based on the true story of Oregonian father and son Joe and Jadin Bell, which Fukunaga will direct and produce through his Parliament of Owls production company