Sequoia 1 Fri, Oct 9, 2015 2:45 PM
Lark Theatre Sun, Oct 18, 2015 8:00 PM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Czech Republic
Running Time:108 min
Director:Radu Jude
Producer:Ada Solomon
Screenwriter:Radu Jude
Florin Lazarescu
Cinematographer:Marius Panduru
Editor:Catalin Cristutiu
Cast:Teodor Corban
Mihai Comanoiu
Cuzin Toma
Alexandru Dabija
Print Source:Big World Pictures
Note Writer:David Fear


A Gypsy slave has run away from his Romanian master circa 1835; a constable (Teodor Corban) and his slow-witted son (Mihai Comanoiu) are hired to find him and bring him back. The duo heads out across the Ottoman Empire, encountering everyone from anti-Semitic holy men to trash-talking merchants (“May you be three days away from death, including yesterday!”). When they find the lad and return him to his “owner,” things take an unexpected turn. Part Eastern-European Western and part Jarmusch road movie, Radu Jude’s gorgeous black-and-white opusRomania’s Best Foreign Language Oscar® contenderproves that the Romanian New Wave has not yet fully crested. Unlike the intimate post-Ceausescu dramas that have made the country a world-cinema hotspot, this old-school epic plays out on a huge historical canvas. But like those socially conscious contemporary classics, Jude’s exploration of the distant past offers a biting commentary on the here and now.

Co-presented by Romanian Film Festival

Additional Information

Radu Jude was born in 1977 and graduated from the Filmmaking Department of Media University in 2003. He directed a series of short films, including the award-winning The Tube with a Hat (2006) and Alexandra (2007). His debut feature film, The Happiest Girl in the World (2009) played at more than 50 film festivals and was the winner of the NHK/Filmmaker Award at Sundance and the CICAE prize at the Berlinale Forum in 2009. Aferim! (2015) is Jude’s third feature. He is currently in pre-production on his next feature, Scarred Hearts, an adaptation of the Max Blecher novel.