5@5 The Other Side of Life

  • A Passion of Gold and Fire A Passion of Gold and Fire
  • Boxeadora Boxeadora
  • Found Found
  • Jim Bird: Portrait of an American Jim Bird: Portrait of an American
  • Marathon Marathon
  • My Mom's Motorcycle My Mom's Motorcycle
  • The House is Innocent The House is Innocent


Throckmorton Theatre Mon, Oct 12, 2015 5:00 PM
Rafael 3 Tue, Oct 13, 2015 2:45 PM
Film Info
Section:5@5 / Shorts
Running Time:62 min
Note Writer:Kelly Clement


"So as you go to find yourself, don't look too hard, you may pass yourself by." These true-life tales begin with A Passion of Gold and Fire (Belgium 2014, 6 min), Sébastien Pins’ touching profile of a beekeeper who worries about the future of his hive. In Nicholas Cole’s The House Is Innocent (US 2015, 12 min), Tom and Barbara discover their new home has a notorious past. Marathon (US 2015, 9 min), by Theo Rigby and Kate McLean, introduces us to an Ecuadorean immigrant whose dream is to run in the New York City Marathon. Chris Siracuse’s delightful Found (US 2015, 9 min) profiles an Oakland-based artist who finds purpose by turning junk into imaginative kinetic sculptures. With Meg Smaker’s Boxeadora (US 2014, 16 min), we follow one woman’s quest to become Cuba's first female boxer and achieve Olympic glory. In Jim Bird: Portrait of an American (US 2015, 4 min), Nik Kleverov takes us on a trip to Alabama to meet a man who makes sculptures out of large hay bales. Douglas Gautraud’s My Mom’s Motorcycle (US 2014, 6 min) provides us with an inside look at how objects can connect us to people, places, and ideas.

Included Shorts

Boxeadora (16min) More
Found (9min) More
The House is Innocent (12min) More
Jim Bird: Portrait of an American (4min) More
Marathon (9min) More
My Mom's Motorcycle (6min) More
A Passion of Gold and Fire (6min) More