Brimstone & Glory
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Breaking Form
Running Time:67 min.
Director:Viktor Jakovleski
Producer:Dan Janvey
Elizabeth Lodge Stepp
Kellen Quinn
Cinematographer:Tobias von dem Borne
Editor:Affonso Gonçalves
Note Writer:Monica Nolan

Lights flare up on a dark screen, and the sign “Bienvenido San Juan de Dios” explodes to life. The pyrotechnic festival in Tultepec, home to Mexico’s fireworks industry, has begun. From the wordless opening sequence, it’s clear we are in for a visual and aural feast: Silhouettes dart through a luminous haze of smoke as the music of a marching band segues to a magnificent original soundtrack, interspersing the thunder of fireworks with singular orchestrations and percussions. The film loosely follows young Santi through the festival, while he and older workers prepare the displays and comment on both the attractions and dangers of their home industry. A floating aerial shot reveals a landscape strewn with trailers labeled “pelligrosa,” and danger is indeed present as we watch a medical trailer fill with burn victims on the festival’s final night. But this film is no exposé; instead it shares with us the mystical attraction of pyrotechnics—and the allure of dancing in a rainstorm of sparks.

In Person: Producer Kellen Quinn, Cinematographer Tobias von dem Borne

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Viktor Jakovleski is a Berlin-based filmmaker. He has directed and produced videos for internationally renowned electronic musicians and produced the German feature film LenaLove, which was released in selected German cinemas in September 2016. Jakovleski spent four years making his first feature, Brimstone & Glory, returning to the annual fireworks festival in Tultepec, Mexico three times. During the final shoot in 2016, he was struck by one of the festival’s iconic “bulls” and was severely injured. In 2015, Viktor was chosen as one of 25 “New Faces of Independent Film” by Filmmaker Magazine.