5@5 The Way It Is

  • Amrika Amrika
  • Backyard Bees Backyard Bees
  • Censored Censored
  • Dance with Me Dance with Me
  • Davy Jones Can't Fly Davy Jones Can't Fly
  • Experimenting With Animation Experimenting With Animation
  • Goodbye Sam Goodbye Sam
  • Gray Areas Gray Areas
  • One in Thirty: The Story of Henry Oster One in Thirty: The Story of Henry Oster
  • Perception Perception
  • Pop Pop
  • The Last Straw The Last Straw
  • The Light of My Life The Light of My Life
  • The Look The Look
  • The Rat The Rat
  • The Redwood Grove The Redwood Grove
  • Why, God? Why, God?


Sequoia 1 Sun, Oct 7, 2018 11:00 AM
Film Info
Short Films
Section:Family Films
5@5 Shorts
Running Time:95 min.
Note Writer:Joanne Parsont


“I will show you what I know. Sometimes we will disagree. If we learn at all to grow. Then I have done my small duty.” In this peer-reviewed collection of youth-made films, today’s teen filmmakers show us just how much they know about cinema, storytelling, and the world as they see it. The Look (Max Retik, US 2018, 6 min), Goodbye Sam (Theo Taplitz, US 2017, 5 min), Backyard Bees (Will Noyce, US 2018, 4 min), Amrika (Nicole Bahar, US 2017, 4 min), Dance with Me (Isaac Karliner-Li, US 2018, 5 min), Perception (Lola Duenyas, US 2018, 2 min), The Last Straw (Julian Jordan, US 2018, 12 min), Experimenting with Animation (Paige Flaming, US 2018, 1 min), Why, God? (Nathan Ginter, US 2018, 8 min), Davy Jones Can’t Fly (Grant Anderson-Smith, US 2018, 7 min), Censored (Maggie Budzyna, US 2018, 3 min), One in Thirty: The Story of Henry Oster (Sarah Antabli, Tiffany Chang, Stephanie Cho, Sara Lowin, Gracie Sandman, India Spencer, & Juliet Wiener, US 2017, 6 min), Gray Areas (Kat Swander & Jack Safir, US 2018, 7 min), The Rat (Miranda Autumn Lewis, US 2018, 5 min), The Light of My Life (Erina McSweeny, US 2018, 4 min), The Redwood Grove (Will Noyce & August Mesarchik, US 2018, 10 min), Pop (Ishaan Parmar, US 2018, 6 min). Age 11+

Expected Guests:
Director Will Noyce; Crew August Mesarchik (Backyard Bees)  (All Screenings)
Writer Aidan Kwasneski (The Redwood Grove)  (All Screenings)
Director Ishaan Parmar (Pop)  (All Screenings)
Director Grant Anderson-Smith; Talent Marcus Paulson (Davy Jones Can't Fly)  (All Screenings)
Director Miranda Lewis; Crew Max Chu (The Rat)  (All Screenings)
Director/Producer/Writer Maggie Budzyna; Set Photographer Erin Budzyna (Censored) (Oct. 7)
Director/Writer Jack Safir (Gray Areas)
Director Paige Flaming (Experimenting With Animation)  (All Screenings)
Director Julian Jordan (The Last Straw) (All Screenings)
Director Isaac Karliner-Li (Dance With Me) (Oct. 7
Director Lola Duenyas (Perception) (Oct.7))

Oct 12 screening is a CFI program open to school groups and the general public

Included Shorts

The Look (6min) More
Goodbye Sam (5min) More
Backyard Bees (4min) More
Amrika (4min) More
Dance with Me (5min) More
Perception (2min) More
The Last Straw (12min) More
Experimenting With Animation (1min) More
Why, God? (8min) More
Davy Jones Can't Fly (7min) More
Censored (3min) More
One in Thirty: The Story of Henry Oster (6min) More
Gray Areas (7min) More
The Rat (5min) More
The Light of My Life (4min) More
The Redwood Grove (10min) More
Pop (6min) More