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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Country:Germany | France
Running Time:113 min.
Director:Francois Ozon
Producer:Eric Altmayer
Nicolas Altmeyer
Stefan Arndt
Uwe Schott
Screenwriter:François Ozon
Cinematographer:Pascal Marti
Editor:Laure Gardette
Cast:Pierre Niney
Paula Beer
Ernst Stötzner
Marie Grüber
Yohann von Bülow
Anton von Lucke
Print Source:Music Box Films
Note Writer:Karen Davis


In François Ozon’s elegant, stylish, and incredibly smart WWI-era period drama, appearances—and disappearances—are deceptive. César award-winning French actor Pierre Niney (Saint Laurent) stars as Adrien Rivoire, a mysterious and seductive young Frenchman who insinuates himself into the life of the German Hoffmeister family, grief-stricken over the recent loss of their beloved son Frantz in the trenches of battle. Introducing himself as Frantz’s pre-wartime friend from Paris, Adrien’s apparent devastation over his death deeply touches each member of the family, especially the beautiful Anna (luminous Paula Beer), Frantz’s betrothed. Secrets and lies abound in this moral tale of truth and its deadly consequences. With cleverly subtle nods to Hitchcock’s Vertigo alongside Ozon collaborator Philippe Rombi’s soundtrack-homage to the great Bernard Herrmann, Frantz may be this 21st-century auteur’s best work to date. Ozon has crafted a bewitching labyrinth of a film that leaves you breathless at every twist and turn of events.

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Additional Information

François Ozon was born in 1967 in Paris. With his master's degree in Cinema, he studied directing at the famous French school of cinema, La Femis, in 1990. Since then, he has shot many films in Super-8, 16mm and 35mm. His motion picture debut was  Sitcom (1998), which was well received by both critics and audiences. He has achieved international acclaim for his films 8 femmes (2002) and Swimming Pool (2003). Ozon is considered to be one of the most important French film directors in the new “New Wave” in French cinema. His film Jeune & Jolie was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Ozon was elected as best screenwriter at the 2013 European Film Awards for his 2012 film In the House.