Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Special Screening
Running Time:116 min.
Director:Denis Villeneuve
Producer:Dan Levine
Shawn Levy
David Linde
Karen Lunder
Screenwriter:Eric Heisserer
Cinematographer:Bradford Young
Editor:Joe Walker
Cast:Amy Adams
Jeremy Renner
Forest Whitaker
Print Source:Paramount Pictures
Note Writer:Karen Davis


OPENING NIGHT Memory is a strange thing—it doesn't work like I thought it did." In award-winning director Denis Villeneuve’s (Sicario) riveting and deeply thoughtful drama, five-time Oscar® nominee Amy Adams is Dr. Louise Banks, a brilliant linguistics professor recruited by US military intelligence for a top-secret mission: to investigate the sudden simultaneous appearance of extraterrestrial spacecraft over several global sites, and to establish communication to determine whether the aliens have come in peace, or with intent to harm. In this deeply humane tale, supported by strong performances from Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, the common tropes of science fiction are secondary to Villeneuve’s focus on the subtleties of language and the complex continuum in which human memory and emotion coexist. With gentle nods to Robert Wise’s 1951 classic The Day the Earth Stood Still, Arrival arrives none too soon with its message of universal peace, understanding, and the power of everlasting hope.

Guest: Amy Adams

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Additional Information

Denis Villeneuve is a French Canadian director and screenwriter born in 1967. He is known internationally for his critically acclaimed thrillers Sicario (Official Competition, Cannes 2015), Prisoners; (2013) and Incendies (Academy Award and Bafta nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, 2011). He won four times Best Director Award at Genie Awards (aka Canadian Screen Awards) for Maelstrom (2000), Polytechnique (2009), Incendies and Enemy (2013). He is currently shooting The Blade Runner Untitled Project with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. He is also in development with Jake Gyllenhaal for the adaptation of The Son , by Jo Nesbø.