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  • At Ease At Ease
  • Modern Houses Modern Houses
  • Pool Pool
  • The Firefly Girls The Firefly Girls


Sequoia 1 Fri, Oct 14, 2016 4:00 PM
Rafael 2 Sat, Oct 15, 2016 9:15 PM
Film Info
Section:5@5 / Shorts
Note Writer:Sterling Hedgpeth


“Thank you for the party, but I could never stay. Many things is on my mind, words in the way.” Join us for these four terrific tales of conflicted characters, each at a crossroads on their own personal voyage of self-discovery. To get things rolling, an intrepid young member of The Firefly Girls (US 2016, 11 min) tries to sell cookies to a very reluctant customer with surprising results in Katie Micay’s memorable short. Swimming in memory and longing, a homecoming vet chooses a momentous day to discover what lies in store for him back in his small town in Jacob Kirby’s At Ease (US 2015, 13 min). Lili Taylor (I Shot Andy Warhol) delivers a bravura turn as a cutting-edge architect who has a lot on the line with her latest creation in Matthew Dixon’s masterful Modern Houses (US/Australia 2016, 17 min). And in Leandro Goddinho’s remarkable and unforgettable Pool (Brazil 2016, 29 min), an abandoned swimming pool is the unlikely center of a story where memories of the Holocaust and a forbidden love prove to be a bridge across multiple generations. Be sure not to miss this powerhouse quartet, filled with tragedy and uplift.

Guests in attendance 10/14 & 10/15: Jacob Kirby & Ning Zhao (At Ease); Katie Micay, Kyle Bown, Harold Micay, Maureen Milledge, Kim Puleo & Jamie Zaffino (The Firefly Girls); Matthew Dixon, Kate Williams & Kym Barrett (Modern Houses)

Included Shorts

At Ease (14min) More
The Firefly Girls (11min) More
Modern Houses (17min) More
Pool (29min) More