The German Doctor (Wakolda)
Sequoia 1Wed, Oct 9, 2013 5:30 PM Not Available  
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:94
Director:Lucía Puenzo
Producer:Nicolás Puenzo
Screenwriter:Hugo Primero
Cast:Alex Brendemuhl
Natalia Oreiro
Diego Peretti
Elena Roger
Guillermo Pfening
Ana Pauls
Print Source:Samuel Goldwyn Films
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In Spanish and German with English subtitles. Lucía Puenzo’s atmospheric drama is deeply engrossing as its story gradually reveals itself and its core premise: If you met the “Angel of Death” on the road, would you recognize him? Or might you be charmed by the friendly doctor and his seductive promises to cure your diminutive daughter, fund your creative work and care for your unborn twins? Set in 1960, The German Doctor imagines an Argentine family unknowingly befriending Josef Mengele, the Nazi war criminal notorious for his horrific medical experiments, during his period in hiding in Patagonia. Less a conspiracy thriller than a subtle meditation on complicity, willful ignorance and the allure of perfection—even at the risk of self-destruction—the film and its excellent cast brilliantly capture this unsettling emotional terrain, and Puenzo’s imagery is truly haunting. Equally as provocative as her acclaimed 2007 debut XXY (about a hermaphrodite youth), Puenzo’s latest is as remarkable as it is thought-provoking.

—Jeff Campbell

Additional Information
Argentine author and filmmaker Lucía Puenzo, born in 1976, studied at the National Film Institute (INCAA) in Buenos Aires. She is a scriptwriter for film and television and has written feature films, documentary films and mini-series. In 2010, Lucía Puenzo was selected for the prestigious English literary magazine Granta’s first-ever issue of Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists.